About Us

Due to Shopify terminating our account on sudden notice we are building our store here. USPatriotFlags.com is our main store.

Born on the 4th of July our company concentrates on all flags. American owned and operated with family we strive to preserve the American independence, republican spirit of the original framers of the constitution. We purchased this company from a decendent of Paul Revere keeping the dream of vexology alive. We offer all flags without question and have had many trials and tribulations in keeping many alive on-line.

Our goal is to sell Made in USA products however many are only available via import distributors. We can do any kind of customization you think of. If you you want an imported flag customized via Made in USA let us know. It will be more expensive to keep hard working Americans like us working and staying in business. Need fringe or pole hem on any flag, let us know our sewing department will do that for you.

If you don't see it here and you think it has been banned just give us a call. We probably have it. We sell lots of World War 2 flags to drapers in movie sets, TV shows and theater.