Confederate Flags Made in the USA

Confederate Flags Made in the USA

Rebel and Confederate Flags made in America banned by Shopify.

It just makes sense if you are going to fly the Confederate Battle Flag AKA, Rebel Flag and erroneously called the stars and bars, that is be made in the USA. 

If you want to show your Southern Heritage it should be MADE IN THE USA. Understand that American products are better quality than those made in Chinese sweat shops so be prepared to pay more for quality. Polyester flags are are cheapest with, nylon printed, nylon sewn, double nylon and cotton in order of least expense to more expense AND QUALITY. Look for better stitching and hardware with US products.

If you are just a starter Flager or confirmed Confederate States representative this ubiquitous symbol of Souther Pride is your first purchase.

The original Confederate Battle Flag was square so the 2:1 ratio flags you see are actually variations of that design. 

Rebel Confederate Battle Flag, Nylon Flag 3 ft. x 5 ft. (USA MADE)

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