First Mexican Empire - Mexico Flag - Nylon Dyed - 3x5 ft. - Made in USA

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First Mexican Empire Flag

This is a custom ordered flag. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery although we can expedite in 7 days for an additional charge. Ironic twist, USA Made Mexican Flag

USA Made Nylon Dyed flag of superior quality. Inquire for Nylon Embroidered.

he Mexican Empire was a short lived monarchy, and the first independent post-colonial imperial state in Mexico. It was the only former colony of the Spanish Empire to establish a monarchy after independence. Together with the Brazilian Empire, it was one of two European-style empires in the Americas. The Mexican Empire lasted two years. This is part of our Six Flags of Texas collection for the discerning collector. Texas was under the rule of Mexico during the time of this flag.

From Wikipedia

It existed from the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba and the declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire in September 1821 until the emperor's abdication in March 1823 when the Provisional Government took power and the First Mexican Republic was proclaimed in 1824. The first monarch of the state was Agustín de Iturbide, reigning as Agustín I of Mexico.

Mexican Empire

Imperio Mexicano (in Spanish)
Motto: Independencia, Unión, Religion
"Independence, Union, Religion"
Location of Mexico
Capital Mexico City
Common languages Spanish
Roman Catholicism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
• 1822–1823
Agustín I
• 1821-1822
Agustín de Iturbide
Prime Minister[1]
• 1822-1823
José Manuel de Herrera
Legislature Congress
Chamber of Deputies
September 27, 1821
February 24, 1821
• Abdication of Agustín I of Mexico
March 19, 1823
Currency Mexican real

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